Dumas Paranormal

More discoveries are sure to follow soon. Only a small portion of the evidence from the December 8th investigation has been reviewed. Another investigation by an outside group is scheduled soon, and findings will be released by them as well in the coming months.

This capture seems closer to the camera than we are. We were doing a spirit box session.  The batteries started to die,  but right before I noticed that is when I asked the question. The output from the box had changed after getting a repeating voice saying the same thing which we couldn’t discern.

You hear me ask are you guys still there. And an immediate female laugh. Then a “Nope.” And then another laugh. While you should be able to hear this over your speakers, it’s best to use headphones to really be able to hear everything.

Thanks to Absalome Paranormal for this video.

Thanks to Absalome Paranormal for the video. Thanks Kara and Amanda!!

2 small investigations from the basement have been done by us in the few weeks since we acquired ownership. A couple of interesting anomalies along with a strange about 3 minute beeping sequence on the MEL meter have been detected. I will get them posted shortly, and we are looking forward to hopefully doing a full investigation the second weekend in November.

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