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The Dumas has many secrets. One of them we just stumbled across. We found these bones in a pile of debris coming from the wall just in front of the old steam boiler. Initially they appeared to be young human. However they have just been positively identified by the Anthropology Department from the University Of […]

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We want to let you know what’s happening at the Dumas. Currently, the Dumas is closed. As the new owners, we are taking stock of the place and getting a feel for this beautiful, old building. There are some issues that need to be addressed before tours can begin again….checking the wiring, perhaps some heat […]

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Power is currently being restored and hopefully will be on this week!!! The existing power service (the box) was actually on the inside of the Dumas. The city and NorthWest Energy were requiring us to move it back outside. This was a requirement since the power had been off for over a year. Apparently the […]

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