Current Happenings

The weather is starting to warm up a little, and it is time to get back in there and start cleaning again! Th Governor’s Conference is less than a month away. And we have already started scheduling night time paranormal investigations as well. We hope to be fully opened again for tours by May, but if you’re planning on being in Butte on a weekend between now and then…Mid March… then contact us: and see if we’re going to be there and schedule a visit.

The Dumas will be a featured stop this year in the Montana Governors Conference on Tourism. The conference is from April 14th- 16th in Butte. From

You do have to register for the conference to attend this event.

Check out the official site for the Conference here:

Stay tuned to this site for more info about events we are working on. There are some major happenings in the works for next year at The Dumas!!!!!

There are also some potentially huge findings coming soon relating to the structure of the building itself. Make sure to subscribe to the certain you’re informed of the findings!

The Dumas has many secrets. One of them we just stumbled across. We found these bones in a pile of debris coming from the wall just in front of the old steam boiler. Initially they appeared to be young human. However they have just been positively identified by the Anthropology Department from the University Of Montana as animal bones. Specifically very small deer.

These aren’t the only 2 bones or pics of this area either. There were at least 13 bones found here. And they are from different sized deer. This however beg the question. Why did they have deer bones in the wall of the basement?

For reference that is the case from my camera. It is only about 4 inches long. This is also a full spectrum camera used in paranormal investigations which picks up the visible spectrum, as well as the infrared and ultraviolet. That’s why the photos appear the color they are.