We want to let you know what’s happening at the Dumas. Currently, the Dumas is closed. As the new owners, we are taking stock of the place and getting a feel for this beautiful, old building. There are some issues that need to be addressed before tours can begin again….checking the wiring, perhaps some heat if we want to be open in the winter, some general cleanup and organization.

David and I have had such a warm welcome from the people of Butte, it’s already starting to feel like a second home.

We hope to continue to preserve and restore the Dumas, but the going may be slow.
Contrary to the newspaper story, we do not own a construction company. We have spent most of our working lives as paramedics.

So, the restoration of the Dumas will continue to depend on the generosity of the people who visit her and love her like we do.

Stay tuned here for more updates!

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