Power is currently being restored and hopefully will be on this week!!! The existing power service (the box) was actually on the inside of the Dumas. The city and NorthWest Energy were requiring us to move it back outside. This was a requirement since the power had been off for over a year.

Apparently the last Madame, Ruby, had had the box moved inside after some irritated wives and girlfriends of customers had made a habit of shutting the power off since they could access the box from where it had been outside!

2 thoughts on “Power

  1. Great job getting power on! It would be so interesting to replicate the authenticity of what these cribs would have actually looked like in 1880’s to 1900. Oil cloth on foot of beds, no paneling, wallpaper, fabric, period furnishings and acessories….the hanging dresses on the walls always drives me crazy. Soooo much possibility. If you look at other authentic bordellos of the day such as Storeyville, Cripplecreek, Dawson City you can just picture what it looked like. I would love to help with suggestions or help when you get to that point. Keep up the great work you two are doing….and thank you for breathing some life into the ole gal again. Hope you found the “bordello matchs” I sent up there a few years ago.

    Debbie Pappas

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