The Dumas Brothel at 45 E. Mercury St. in Butte, Montana is the longest running active brothel in U.S. history. It was open from 1890 until 1982. It was build by the Nadeau brothers, Joseph and Arthur. Joseph’s wife’s maiden name was Dumas, and that was the name used for the brothel. The Nadeau’s or their family owned the brothel into the 1940’s. During he 40’s it was purchased by the madam at the time, Lillian Walden. She became the first madam owner, and the first non Nadeau owner. After Lillian all of the owners were the madams.

The last madam was Ruby Garrett. When Ruby went to prison in 1982 it was closed as a brothel. She sold it to Rudy Geicek in 1990. Since then it has had 2 sets of owners including Michael Piche and Travis Eckelson. It is currently owned by David and Charlee Prince.